Brand Advocates

CMOs Share How they are Designing High-Impact Customer Loyalty Programs

Brand Advocates / Drew Neisser / 13 Oct 2017

We put our Ask Amy hats on and asked CMOs to dole out some helpful, practical (and only slightly clichéd) “relationship advice" when it comes to creating great loyalty programs.

Rules for Building Trust and Inspiring Excellence in your Team

Brand Advocates / Gina McDuffie / 11 Jan 2017

The number one asset of any great leader is their ability to build trust, loyalty and advocacy within their team. During a recent Virtual Roundtable, members shared some of the ways they help elevate their teams.

Rules for Outstanding Influencer Relationships

Brand Advocates / Mariah Taylor / 27 Jul 2016

Influencers have an uncanny ability to tap into the hearts of consumers when it comes to talking about the products they know and love. Forge a relationship with influencers in your industry and find your place in the conversation.