Innovation & Trends

How AI is Delivering Smarter, More Scalable Marketing Campaigns

Innovation & Trends / Amy Inlow / 11 Aug 2017

AI has the ability to transform marketer's effectiveness within their organizations and drive revenue like no technology before it. Here's a look at two case studies of brands who are doing just that.

Forward-Thinking Brands Should Consider Marketing the Organization's Growth Engine

Innovation & Trends / Vasu Jakkal / 20 Apr 2017

Employing marketing tactics that leverage the veritable power of storytelling and put the customers' needs first, will be your organization’s ticket to sustainable growth.

Seven Building Blocks of Successful Innovation Ecosystems

Innovation & Trends / Maria Miranda / 10 Apr 2017

Innovation ecosystems leverage employees, customers and community to solve problems, create content and drive business in new profitable ways. Here, we discuss seven basic steps all successful innovation ecosystems go through, according to top marketers from global brands.

Building Back to Beta: How to Market Like A Founder

Innovation & Trends / Carla Rover / 09 Feb 2017

"The Founder" might seem an odd reservoir of inspiration for a marketer, but there are hidden gems in the film's fast-paced account of the rise of Mcdonald's from a mom-and-pop diner into a billion dollar global franchise.

Legacy Brands Weigh in on Marketing Disruption at CES 2017

Innovation & Trends / Carla Rover / 26 Jan 2017

While business leaders, marketers and execs came together to premiere new products, unveil campaigns and discuss the future of their industries, CEOs from legacy brands shared their own insights on what effective and lasting marketing disruption does (and doesn't) look like.

The Best of The Future CMO Club in 2016

Innovation & Trends / Averi Melcher / 06 Jan 2017

A look back at some of the most popular articles and topics discussed in 2016.

What I Learned from the 2016 Marketing and Mentoring Summit

Innovation & Trends / Pete Krainik / 12 Dec 2016

Pete Krainik, Founder and CEO of The Future CMO Club, shares his top takeaways from the year on what it takes to be a successful marketer in today's changing climate.

The Don Draper Era is Over : Develop a Brain for Growth Hacking

Innovation & Trends / Virginie Glaenzer / 07 Nov 2016

In a recent Digital Roundtable, we discussed how to embrace the modern, scientific approach of growth hacking to improve your brand's bottom line.

Entrepreneurship Isn't Just for the Startups Anymore

Innovation & Trends / Suzanne Browne / 15 Sep 2016

If diversity breeds innovation, encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset in your team might just be the key to your brand’s longevity.