What the Rise of Individualism Means for Marketers

Personalization / Averi Melcher / 19 Sep 2017

The rise of digital media has required that marketers leave the “one size fits all” mentality back with the days of landlines and dial-up. Here is how three marketers are doing just that.

Smart Customer Data Meets Hyper-Localization: How Spotify Got it Right

Personalization / Averi Melcher / 25 May 2017

Taking a closer look at Spotify's hyper-personalized campaigns, there's no denying that technology has made traditional approaches to localization a thing of the past.

How Princess Cruises is Taking Customer Personalization Up a Notch

Personalization / Averi Melcher / 07 Apr 2017

Using customer insights, Princess is launching a new personalization initiative that serves up a frictionless, custom experience when people want it most: on vacation.

Are you Talking To (Not At) Millennials?

Personalization / Mariah Taylor / 02 Aug 2016

Say what you will about millennials, but we make up a hefty part of the population and a fundamental aspect of contemporary consumerism.