Storytelling Works: How to Capture Hearts by Leading with the Customer

Storytelling / Dan Weaver / 01 Sep 2017

Dan Weaver of UCHealth and Khemari Cook of TaxSlayer, LLC, share how they shifted their brand narrative to focus on the lives of their customers and the stories they've helped create.

A Closer Look at UCHealth's Emotional Customer-Centric Campaign

Storytelling / Mariah Courtney / 14 Mar 2017

"Treating cancer and content marketing." In a recent interview with brandchannel, marketers from UCHealth share how personal customer stories drive their powerful new campaign.

Authenticity is Hard Work!

Storytelling / Steven Handmaker / 03 Feb 2017

A CMO Mentor shares an example of why being authentic and actually seeming authentic do not necessarily go hand-in-hand.

Cutting Through the Clutter Means Employing Data-Driven Storytelling

Storytelling / Maria Miranda / 19 Dec 2016

The current use of data is no longer satisfying for brands or consumers, moving us even further away from that old tendency to promote transactional, disruptive messages with little engagement or understanding of how people interact with media today.

Engineering the Marketing Experience

Storytelling / Ed Locher / 15 Dec 2016

Marketers must be engineers of the customer experience, artfully intertwining our brand purpose into the lives of our everyday consumers while understanding the math that drives our marketing initiatives.

Visual Resources You Should be Tapping Into

Storytelling / Mariah Taylor / 24 Oct 2016

Even the best content can be overlooked if it doesn't capture attention amidst a myriad of videos and photos.