Does Your Resume Include These Important Skills?

I recently read an article by Mark Babbitt, CEO and Founder of YouTern, about some of the critical skills emerging talent should have on their resumes as they join the workforce.

Some of these included:

  • Self-learning relevant software programs, coding or analytics tools
  • Social media savviness
  • Independent projects and leadership positions
  • Conferences attended
  • Published studies or white papers
  • Volunteer work
  • Mentorship

Granted, we are all talented marketers well beyond just 'entering the work force' but, as I was reading the list and nodding in agreement, it got me thinking:

Do we have these skills properly highlighted on our own resumes?

It can be easy to get in the weeds of day-to-day tasks and forget to step back every once in a while to see the whole picture of who you are as a professional - both in and out of the office.

You’ve likely developed campaigns and executed initiatives for your company that required a very specific know-how. You’ve probably invested time into conferences, memberships and even volunteer opportunities that aid in your growth as a marketing leader. Maybe you’ve spent a considerable amount of time creating your own personal brand, positioning yourself as a thought leader via social media or a personal blog.

It’s important to regularly reference your own LinkedIn profile and resume to make sure it’s telling the whole story, filling in voids when they appear. Highlight the impact of your work and don’t be afraid to show your passion about a particular industry, project or nonprofit – these are the things that make you uniquely qualified to lead the next successful marketing campaign for a company.

Adjusting your resume to include these skills is not only vital if you are seeking a new position, but will act as a catalyst for conversation starters and new connections within your own professional network.

And if you aren't looking for a position?

These are the things that help you build a connection with individuals, setting a foundation for a relationship that has the ability to transcend your current role.