From the C-Suite: Are you Leveraging Inbound Calls for Maximum ROI?

When it comes to measuring ROI in the Digital Age, most marketers have been focusing on online metrics, leaving phone conversions an often overlooked touchpoint for leads and revenue. In a recent Solution Guide by The CMO Club and in partnership with DialogTech, marketers share how they focus on enhancing caller experiences to see increased customer growth.

According to the research, for the first time ever, brands spent more on digital channels and mobile (about 64% of all ad spending) this year than they did on TV. Additionally, with marketers seeing inbound calls convert 10x more than web leads, it's clear that consumers aren’t hesitating to pick up the phone.

Inbound calls are an important step of the buyer journey that can contribute significantly to the brands’ ability to control the narrative and the customer experience; when consumers call a business, they’re already invested in the product or service and are either ready or almost ready to take action, making that phone call a prime moment to convert and drive sales. As mobile traffic increases through both paid and organic channels, marketers reported that that click-to-call buttons that take consumers straight from a mobile site to a phone call are becoming more and more effective.

“A year ago, half of our website traffic came via desktop. Now desktop traffic is only 30%, with mobile at 70%. That’s a 20-point shift in 12 months, and it has been led by smartphones,” said Paul Koulogeorge, CMO at Goddard School.

However, due to a disconnect between marketing strategy and call center operations, not many companies are reaping the immense benefits of inbound calling. This frequently results in a blind spot when it comes to attributing phone conversions with digital metrics. For those who have been slow on the uptake the time is ripe for an optimized inbound call strategy.

The Solution Guide, A Wake-Up Call for CMOs: The Unexpected Impact of Call Conversions on Marketing ROI, reveals how digital strategies lead to call conversions analyzing the insight and strategies of seven CMOs, for brands such as Esurance, Expedia, LegalZoom, LendingTree, Healthgrades and more.

The takeaways include:

  • How to make it easy for customers to call you

  • What data should be captured and why

  • Call data integration with the business’ marketing tools

  • How to personalize and improve the caller experience

  • How to extract actionable data from inbound calls for marketing insight

  • Using call conversions to prove Marketing ROI

Calls have always been a critical part of the customer journey for industries with expensive, complex, or infrequent purchases. As mobile searches rise and mobile ad spending increases, consumers are more inclined to pick up the phone and get the information they need. As marketers, we have an opportunity to make sure we’re ready to take that call.

For more insights, download the full Solution Guide today.