Get Your Work Flow on with These Ambient Soundtracks

Have you ever heard of the Mozart Effect? It's the idea (backed by scientific research) that listening to Mozart or other natural sounds boosts your short term mental performance, promotes brain development and helps your overall productivity. But finding a soundtrack to up your efficiency doesn’t necessarily have to mean sticking to classical elevator music. Even newly released music can be the perfect tool for added focus, taking your desk space from a place of daunting to-do lists to one of gratifying focus. When played at a moderate level, ambient songs are capable of improving creativity and attention in an effortless way.

But finding the playlist that is 'juuuust right' for a productive workday can be tricky, often leaving a person feeling like Goldilocks in the pursuit. “This one’s too distracting, but this one will put me to sleep.” Fear not, we’ve put together a list of seven ambient tracks capable of crushing any lingering negative work vibes throughout the week. Plug these into Spotify or Pandora to create a whole playlist that inspires renewed focus and creativity:


    1. “Take Me” — Sisyphus

     Singer-songwriter, Sufjan Stevens, formerly partial to the folk and indie areas of
     music, takes on the electronic genre in his side project, Sisyphus. This track
     combines Stevens’ breathy, manipulated vocals with a steady, almost over-the-top  
     drumbeat to keep a sense of solidity.



      2. “A Place Like This” — Majid Jordan

      There’s something about a track with a feeling that it’s been recorded underwater
      that can fuel a steady stream of work. With swimming instrumentals to accompany
      Jordan’s liquid vocals, you’ll feel like you’re working on a sun-soaked beach rather
     than a crowded office.



      3. “No Excuse” — Jacques Greene

      Greene’s vocals are soft enough to get pleasantly lost in the instrumentals. A
      steady background bass keeps it consistent and relaxing while sporadic
      foreground drums  keep it interesting (and keep you awake).



      4. “Golden Hour” — Prince Innocence

      Comprised of a symphony of synths layered artfully on top of one another, “Golden
      Hour” is a colorful parade of steady, mesmeric sounds. These synths move from
      high and electrifying, to low and smooth as the song progresses, never losing
      interest throughout.



      5. “First Mark” — Lil Silva

      Silva’s “First Mark” is the kind of song that can give you a much-needed extra push
      to finish up the workday. While the track starts with a slow lead in, it soon
      transforms with powerful beats capable of pulling you out of your 3:00 p.m. stupor. 



      6. “Problem (Solved)” — SBTRKT featuring Jessie Ware

      “Problem (Solved)” is held together by Ware’s flawless vocals, sprinkled with
       powerful strikes of piano chords, and smoothed out with subtle, steady drums.
       The song’s sense of balance is contagious — ideal for peak concentration.   



      7. “When I’m Gone” — Eyedress

      Employing nearly unintelligible lyrics that easily slip into the background of any
      busy workday, “When I’m Gone” mixes hissing vocals and hypnotic, playful




As marketing professionals, it's second nature for us to use any tool we can find to increase productivity and boost performance, and music is simply one more device for doing so. The right playlist can get you out of a slump, push you to a deadline and inspire new ideas. So pull out those noise-cancelling headphones and settle in for attentive efficiency - minus the Chopin and whale sounds this time.