Great Reads that Should be at the Top of your Pocket Queue

Our Pocket App can easily become an index of inconsequential book reviews, decorating ideas or healthy recipes that will likely never be given a second look. But for marketers looking to brush up on their leadership expertise, it can also be a valuable growth tool. So, let’s rid those queues of articles that will never see the light of day and remember the reason we downloaded this app in the first place – using it to leverage our time to learn valuable tools.

Now that you have an empty folder, get started with some of these articles for easy reading (and easily elevating your game as a great leader):

7 Habits of Remarkably Successful Leaders
By: Peter Economy

It certainly doesn't hurt that this one was written by the same best-selling author as Managing for Dummies and Leading Through Uncertainty, and a Former Associate Editor of Leader to Leader. From one-worded tips as simple as “perspire,” to more meaningful words of wisdom like, “have faith in your vision for your organization, regardless of what lies ahead,” Economy establishes himself as a guy with some experience in obtaining leadership skills.

What Standup Comedy Taught Me About Success at Work
by Liz Fraser

Ever thought of adopting a standup comedian’s approach to success? Allow Fraser to tell you why you should.

She touches on the similarities between standup and business success - like the fact that building confidence and learning perfect timing are beneficial to both. But, she also delves into less obvious correlations, like the idea that slowing down and embracing silence can benefit your professional life in surprising ways.

Top Leadership Qualities Every Manager Can’t Live Without
By: Dora Wang

This article breaks up dense subject matter with diagrams, images, GIFs and videos—all of which are incredibly useful to someone looking for bite-sized, comprehensive bits of leadership advice.

More of a numbers geek? Don’t worry, you can find those here, too.

Power Suits: How Dressing for Success at Work Can Pay Off
By: Yuki Noguchi

We all know that dressing the part is important, but mastering great work attire has become much more nuanced than ever before. In an era of casual work environments, business travel and telecommunicating, Noguchi imparts some much-needed advice on subtle trends and sparks a smart discussion around how much work wear can actually have an affect on your success.

After this read, you’ll know why a style coach is as important as a leadership coach and why “athleisure” is a trend you might want to think about leaving at home.

The Counterintuitive Art of Leading by Letting Go
by David Marquet

To many of us, learning to let go is truly counterintuitive. But for Marquet, Former Commander of the nuclear-powered submarine USS Santa Fe, it’s an art worth mastering. One of the more compelling (and completely true) points he makes is that, “no one ever did anything awesome or great because they were told to.”

Translating that to the board room, it might seem natural to give your team members constant direction, but this way of management often hinders creativity, causing them to view the task at hand in terms of how you would want them to do it, rather than allowing them to see the best possible way of doing it.

Leading a productive team means accomplishing diversity. And forming a Pocket queue that lends itself to creating a diversified skill set is an excellent step in the right direction. Adopting even small pieces of advice from each article will reap nothing but great benefits, encouraging leadership skills not only in yourself, but also in those around you (as many of these article’s authors would surely attest to).