Metrics Matter: The Trick to Finding Real B2B Marketing ROI

Rachel Ready, VP, 
Digital Marketing & Strategy,

Looking back on a successful Marketing and Mentoring Summit, there were several key themes that I saw throughout the day.

The topic of finding purpose in your brand, role and professional life was certainly clear, while learning how to build lasting relationships (again, externally with customers and internally, with your team and marketing peers) was recurring throughout the event. Thirdly, though, was this ever-constant need and desire to keep innovating as a marketer and brand.

But marketers also have a growing list of responsibilities that seem to change daily, with the one constant being the need to produce business results and stay relevant with numbers that support their efforts. For many, that means the art of distinguishing between what NOT to do becomes just as important as the campaigns we do launch.

So, how do we prioritize and focus? How do we measure what was just an innovative idea, and what actually worked? How can teams scale effectively, while also doing less, better - and with greater results? These are questions that my team and I recently asked top senior B2B marketers in order to help other marketers who are looking for answer to the same questions. Through LinkedIn research and 1:1 conversations, we uncovered how today’s top organizations are breaking old habits and embracing a new marketing approach.

Our whitepaper, Metrics Matter: A B2B Guide to Finding Real Marketing ROI shares how:

  • Marketers can ask the big questions around big data - and find the answers
  • Brands are combining data and people in order to create effective campaigns
  • Top marketers use both numbers and instinct to find the best hidden insights
  • Data plays into the culture of your team, and vice versa
  • You can implement the processes to scale your marketing efforts while actually doing less

For B2B brands, especially, there are some nuances when it comes to matching marketing objectives to ROI. That makes data all the more important. Understanding what metrics matter is simply a must-have for today's busy marketers. It is the secret weapon to learning what actions drive results - and which don't.

To get the full research and learnings, you can download the whitepaper, HERE.