OMG I Need a Job!

Bob Braham has held several VP Marketing roles at multi-billion dollar high-tech companies. He served as the CMO of SGI, helping lead the company’s turn around and is currently thinking about his next move while consulting for CEO’s and giving seminars on the career development process.

You can couch the language in any way you want: terminated, let go, fired or my favorite...“We are freeing up your career options." If you are in this position, it is never easy. No matter how hard you feel it is, you have likely not been in the whirlwind that I was in some time ago: 4 companies in just 5 years!

Each time I made a move, it took 5-6 months and each move was better - more responsibility, more money, better title - than the job I had left. Many people told me that I should write a book, so I did. 

Here are four tips that I share in OMG I Need a Job that will help you uncover the hidden job market, before roles go public:

1. Give Yourself Time to Mourn

Even if better things are on the horizon, being let go can come as a shock - trust me, it’s a difficult time for those even much further along in their careers. Before diving back into the job market, give yourself a little time to let the situation sink in.

2. Create Your Story

Once you get over the shock, you can start looking at what you want from your career. What happened at the last position? What did you learn? What are you looking for and wanting in your next position? Practice telling this story to a mirror, to family and to closest associates until you can deliver it freely. The confidence you project will make a world of difference as you interview and network.

3. Make a List

Create a target list of 30-40 companies where you would love to work – whether or not they are hiring for your role. The list should include the name of the company, the role you desire: CMO or VP of Corporate Marketing, for example. You also want to list the name and title of the potential hiring manager, such as the CEO or CMO. Their information can often be easily obtained from the company’s website.

Be specific, so you know exactly how to start taking action.

4. Leverage Your Network

Take your list to people in your network, asking for their insight, slant or coaching. Do not request “help,” – help comes across a little needy.

What you want from your contacts is their input on how the company is doing, what it’s like to work there and – most importantly – who are the influencers and decision makers you should meet within the company. The outcome of these networking meeting is to obtain names that YOU then pursue to become a candidate when they have a position to fill.

To be most productive, I would aim have 8-10 networking meetings a week for coffee or via phone.

For more help on the determining your next move my book, OMG I Need a Job: A Practical Guide to Finding a Great Job in Any Economy, is now available on Amazon and has a 5-star rating. It has scripts on how to obtain and conduct the aforementioned networking meetings, how to leverage these meetings to approach hiring executives, and loads of entertaining stories.

Good luck in your search,

Bob Braham