Future CMO Club Eligibility Checklist

Future CMO Club Membership is exclusive to client-side individuals holding a current marketing leadership position/title and reporting to a CMO or C-Suite executive President, or Country/Line of business head.

Still not sure if you are eligible for membership? Use our checklist below:

  • I am a marketing leader (Vice President, Director, Senior Manager) who seeks membership to grow personally and professionally.  
  • I agree that my company does not sell predominantly to marketers.
  • My participation with The Future CMO CLUB is NOT focused on selling my products or services.
  • I agree to The Future CMO CLUB mantra of "interactive membership”- engaging with members and discussion forums to both share advice and expertise and receive it.
  • I agree that I have at least 5 years of marketing experience and my company's total annual  marketing budget (people and programs) exceeds $1 million.


Important: If you are from an agency, PR firm, marketing consulting/services or platform company that sells predominately to marketers and would like to explore partnership opportunities with the Future CMO Club please click here.