Marketer to Watch: Marguerite Yeo of ExtraHop Networks

Marguerite Yeo, Director,
Web and Digital Marketing,
Extrahop Networks

We recently asked Marguerite Yeo, Director of Web and Digital Marketing for Extrahop Networks, about her take on the current marketing landscape. Her secret weapons for success? Focusing on engagement, personalization, collaboration and keeping an eye on what other brands are doing.

And, because we wanted to help you get to know your fellow Future CMO Club member a bit better, we also asked the pressing questions we're sure you've been dying to know - like whether you'll run into her at a Poké stop or if she prefers podcasts to newspapers. 

1. What was your first (or favorite) job?

My first job was with a small family operation in the import/export business. I did a little bit of everything - from taking orders over the phone and typing up orders and shipping documents to managing the petty cash and disbursements.

2. Can you name a particularly influential mentor during your career that helped prepare you for your current position? 

I'd be remiss if I did not mention two mentors who played different but very important roles in my career. Cindy Finnecy, VP, Industry Marketing - North America, IBM, was one such mentor. She prepared me for the 'people side' of things and told me very frankly that politics exist everywhere and at every level. The higher up you are, the more politics there will be. She told me I'd have to embrace that to succeed (and she was right).

David Bradley, EVP Solution Management, R4 Technologies, was my other mentor. He encouraged me to broaden my marketing experience across as many marketing disciplines as possible so I'd get a perspective into strategy, branding, messaging, communications and channel marketing.

3. How has marketing changed over the last five years? 

There has been a shift towards digital marketing that involves more than broadcasting. Digital marketing now is about engaging with your prospects and customers on several fronts - product inquiry, support and service, online forums, communities and social media. Secondly, there has been a shift towards personalized and targeted marketing. There are many terms for this but the latest term is 'account based marketing.' This is possible only if marketing and sales collaborate. So - unlike in the past - there is no more finger pointing and throwing over the fence to sales. Lastly, there has been greater accountability in marketing on ROI that involves measuring, tracking, testing and continuous optimization to ensure we spend our funds judiciously for the greatest return.

4. Where do you go (or what brands to you look to) to find fresh, creative inspiration for the future?

I always look at what my competitors are doing from web, search and social media perspectives. I also observe large technology companies that are not my competitors because they frequently have already done the research and testing before publicly launching - so their behaviors are very telling. For consumer brands, I look at retailers because their space is competitive and consumers are demanding. I turn to Apple a lot because the simplicity of their packaging and ability to convey value in a succinct manner is truly a beautiful thing.

5. If you could give yourself another title to describe what marketers do, what would it be?

'Pipeline Primer' because a lot of B2B marketing is about generating awareness and interest and then creating marketing qualified leads that feed the sales pipeline.

6. Name 1 or 2 elusive, but highly valued traits or skills that you think are invaluable for a marketer in today's ever-evolving world.

Collaboration across multiple functions: Engineering, product, finance, business development, services and support, and sales. There is co-dependency amongst all these teams and the ability to work well with others is critical. The ability to be open to new ideas, concepts and ways of doing business, is another critical trait.

Sometimes, ideas come from unexpected places or is born from random discussions totally unrelated to the topic on hand. Being open to change makes one a stronger marketer because change is happening all the time.

 7. Do you have a personal mantra, words of wisdom or favorite inspirational quote?

"If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well." 

I dislike sloppy work and deliverables and never deliver sloppy work myself. I either do it well or I don't do it at all.

Just for fun, quick-fire round:

Burrito or burger? Burger

Central Park or Golden Gate Park? Central Park

Beach or mountains? Beach

Podcast or Newspaper? Reading

Pokémon Go or no? No Pokémon Go