How AI is Delivering Smarter, More Scalable Marketing Campaigns

Innovation & Trends / Amy Inlow / 11 Aug 2017

AI has the ability to transform marketer's effectiveness within their organizations and drive revenue like no technology before it. Here's a look at two case studies of brands who are doing just that.

CMOs Share What Skills they Look for when Building a Marketing Team

Marketing Organization / Sandra Zoratti / 08 Aug 2017

We asked five CMOs to share the traits they value the most when interviewing new hires for their marketing teams.

Technology! How to Leverage New Innovations for a Better Customer Experience

CRM / Mariah Courtney / 03 Aug 2017

During a Future CMO Club Summit panel, marketers shared how they cut through the clutter of new technology to solve problems and create frictionless customer experiences.

The Leadership Series (Part II): Becoming a Globally-Minded Marketing Leader

Leadership / Sandra Zoratti / 26 Jul 2017

After developing some of the core competencies as a marketing leader, it's time to widen your view and look at how you can excel as a leader of a global brand.

Marketer to Watch: Steve Wimmer of Gold Eagle Company

Leadership / Averi Melcher / 20 Jul 2017

In our latest Marketer to Watch interview, we get Steve Wimmer's opinion on how marketing is changing and what he thinks will set apart marketers of the future.

Do you Know What's Really Breaking up your Customer Relationships?

Customer Engagement / Kathy Menis / 18 Jul 2017

If your company has never used first-party data to target customers across channels or achieved a single view of the customer relationship, it’s time to change the rules of the game.

Experts Lend Advice on How to Become a Rockstar CMO

Career / Averi Melcher / 14 Jul 2017

During a recent virtual roundtable, two CMO Mentors discussed three ways you can elevate your career in order to have a lasting impact on your success as a marketer and leader.

Thoughts on Breaking the Agency Addiction

Marketing Organization / Amy Inlow / 11 Jul 2017

Brands have simultaneously influenced the emergence of too many agencies and made themselves dependent on them. It’s now up to brands to wean themselves off of their addiction–and drive an agency renaissance in the process.

Metrics Matter: The Trick to Finding Real B2B Marketing ROI

Metrics & ROI / Rachel Ready / 06 Jul 2017

Understanding what metrics matter is simply a must-have for today's busy marketers. It is the secret weapon to learning what actions drive results - and which don't.

The Leadership Series (Part I): Elevating your Career as a Marketing Leader

Leadership / Averi Melcher / 29 Jun 2017

We held an interactive workshop between Future CMOs/CMO Mentors and asked: “What does it take to be the best marketing leader you can be?”